Welcome to Area 140 First Bar!

It's a fine bar in the East Village of New York City. We have decent and unique cocktails and clean taps. We batch our own Bloody Mary mix and it's darn tasty. We have hard kombucha, seltzers and a variety of non-alcoholic drinks.

Our wall murals and video projections were designed and executed by local artists. Art on the walls is rotated every now and again, and maybe you want to display. Talk to durgy.

If the owner is around ask for the free archeological tour. 140 First Avenue has a rich history and much of it is on display in the floors, ceiling, walls and artifacts, carefully preserved for austerity.

Area 140 First has the only bed of nails on permanent display on the block. The logo is a math puzzle. Our straws are made out of hay. We practice steps of service. Come and enjoy! 

Bed of Nails!

On September 30, 2023 circus performers Klown Kong and Alaska performed on the bed of nails. Stay far away unless you have a recent tetanus shot. 

Local Artists!

Local artist Sam Diaz created the mural on the back wall. It  features iconic elements from at least  a half dozen sci-fi universes.

Delicious Drinks!

We made a conscious decision to commit to quality. We have about every common drink element, and some less common ones. Our well drinks are call brands like Espolon, Jim Beam and Bombay. Our professional bartenders are on hand to create the cocktail you desire. We also have less fancy options like shot and beer combos. 

The wall on the right of this photo was created by the artist Outersource. We intend to do a long term collaboration with other artists adding elements to this wall over time. If you believe you could blend your artistic style to be part of this collaboration, please reach out. 


We have Theatre of Magic (on about every top 10 list) and World Cup Soccer 94'!

TOM is an amazing game and the high score as of 5/9/24 is only 1.9+ billion. Can you crack the top 5? 


World Cup Soccer '94 is also a classic. The rake is especially steep and the machine slopes heavily left. That should be enough local knowledge to get you to the final match!

We open early and have sci-fi or the big game on our TVs. We clean our beer taps regularly. Stop on in, have a drink and say "hi"!

Our Menu


Area 140 First Featured Cocktails

Pink Cream  11

Raspberry Vodka and Yoohoo. It tastes like the pink cream in the Whitman's sampler. My mom's favorite!

Area Espresso Martini  14

Vanilla Vodka, Kahlua, Strong Coffee, Simple Syrup, Cocoa Powder

Tropical Aperol Spritz 15

Aperol, Prosecco, Pineapple Juice, Lime Juice

Raspberry Cosmopolitan  15

Absolut Raspberry, Cointreau, Cranberry Juice, Lime juice

New Fashioned  10

Whiskey, Soda, Bitters garnished with orange and cherry

Pineapple Moonshine Daiquiri  12

St. Luna Moonshine, Lime Juice, Pineapple Juice

Vodka Limeade  12

Your choice of flavored vodka, sweet lime juice

CocoMojito 12

Coconut Rum, Mint Syrup, Lime Juice, Splash of Lemon Lime

Blue Mule 12

Vodka, Blue Curacao, Lime Juice, Topped with Ginger Beer

Apple Whiskey Sour 10

Jack Tennessee Apple, Sour Mix, splash with an orange and cherry

Ritual Zero Proof Cocktails 7

Choice of Ritual Zero Proof Flavor, Juice and Soda

On Tap                                 ½ / Full

Guinness                                    5/9

Coors Light                                4/7

Modelo                                        5/8

Brooklyn IPA                              5/8

Stella                                           5/8

Blue Moon                                  5/8

PBR                                             4/6

Sweetwater 420 Ale                  5/8

Merman IPA                                5/8

Angry Orchard Cider                 5/8

Mermaid Pilsner                         5/8

 N.A. Beverages

RItual NA Cocktails                         7

N.A. kombuchas or seltzers           7

N.A. hoppy seltzers                         7

Coffee, tea, hot cider                      4

Energy Drink                                    7

Pop                                                    3


Heineken                                       8

Corona                                          8

Amstel Light                                 8

Lindeman’s Lambic Raspberry   8

Woodchuck  Amber Cider            8



Gabriella Pinot Grigio                      9

Grace’s Vine Sauvignon Blanc        8

Sutter Home White Zinfandel-       Best offer        

Layer Cake Malbec                          10

Woodbridge Pinot Noir                    9

Prosecco on tap                                7

Barefoot Bubbly Moscato                7



Waterbird Vodka infused                  9

Happy Dad / White Claw Seltzer     8

Wild Tonic Hard Kombucha              8

Flying Embers Kombucha                  8

Lagunitas IPA can                              8

PBR with a well shot 10! The Clawsky - White Claw and a shot 12! 

800 Club applications now being accepted!

Hours of operation: 1PM - 4AM . . . sometimes earlier if the bartender gets up on time.

ADA accessible

Contact us

Get in touch with us for reservations, film shoots, event bookings, or any inquiries. It's one of our favorite bars.

Area 140 First Bar

140 First Avenue
New York, NY  10009

About us

Area 140 First Bar is a fine bar. The drinks are banging, the music is decent and the vibe is chill. It is a neighborhood bar that welcomes the stranger. The stranger the better!